Thanks to the colonists........

Depending on which version of history you are reading, the colonists are responsible for bringing tea to the US. One colonist in particular, Peter Stuyvesant, is given credit for bringing the first tea to the Dutch settlement in 1650. This would later be renamed New York. The early settlers were confirmed tea drinkers. When England acquired the colony they discovered that the small settlement consumed more tea than all of England. What an enterprising opportunity for some up and coming entrepreneur! It was not until the 1670's that tea became known to the other English colonists in Boston. Add another 20 years and it finally became available for public sale! Tea gardens opened in New York City centered around natural springs. The most famous of these "tea springs" was at Roosevelt and Chatham (later Park Row Street). I bet the "tea springs" were beautiful. They are a perfect example of a city helping with its trade. The city leaders installed pumps in the springs to help with the "tea craze".

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